About us

Our Mission is to create high quality shirts, casual wear and accessories that embodies enjoyment and style. Huxley is a creation of fashionable ideologies, vision and perspective of the world as we see it. We create ideas from what we have seen  and have ascertained throughout generations, spanning from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, Generation X and Y.  The Huxley Boyce Company has a timeless, stylish flair  for all individuals.  Our designs and creations reflect monumental moments that have happened across the  world ranging from sporting events, festivals, pop culture, and day to day interactions in life creating  trends like no other.

The Life Journey of the Huxley Boyce Company

Follow me as  a create my life experience from a  list of wonderful endeavors, exciting new challenges and new twists and  turns on the road ahead.  What is a Life Journey? It is a question of What do you think Life Is?

Huxley is a creation of ideas and visons that come together in stylish formation as I see the world….life as it is…..a life journey for all.

Revitalization of Huxley Boyce

Like all many  great ideas, Huxley started on a napkin in 1999. A multitude of sketches, slogans and ideas captured in the moment on napkins from my favorite coffee shop Tim Horton's.   I kept these napkin notes….they were everywhere but I knew one day these notes would finally materialize in to something more.

 After many years of trials and tribulations  in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the lack of meeting the right people and finding a suitable manufacturer of quality clothing, the first Huxley brand of road sign t-shirts didn’t fly.  Following  this first botched attempt in addition to getting sick in late 2015 and early 2016, my perspective for life changed during all the  pain and suffering I endured .   It was time for a change and I  needed to get my feet wet again and find the motivation to generate the future and a new vision for Huxley.

The next chapter began with  a chance encounter with an old friend that I had not seen in eight years.  We were set to meet at coffee shop in a trendy party of the city.   It was late afternoon on a  mild day in January, a little cold, but the coffee shop was warm and buzzing with many vibrant young people.  It was such an upbeat and appealing atmosphere, one I had not experienced in years.    It was like going back in time. The scene  was so familiar, nostalgic and  made me think back to all the frivolous things I did when I was younger.   Ball room dancing, modeling, varying political views, trendy venues, parties, essentially stepping back in to the epi center of my  life. This coffee shop, this encounter with my old friend brought me back to those days, it gave me the idea….it  gave me back the  inspiration.

 After the meeting I thought about all the things I have done over the years and all the things I never finished.  Huxley was the one I could not let go.…it is Now or Never! Why NOT I thought!  So I stopped in at print machine shop and made up a few designs, this lead to more…which lead to more.  I sought out to be the best that there is to offer in design.

 One napkin, one meeting at a coffee shop can change a person’s perspective and view, can change a person’s life!

What does the customer need:

Designs that will provide an image of existence, what has  happened and what is happening and apply these events to our creative concepts that have been shaped over many years.  Our commitment to create  unique, trendy, high quality clothing for our customers that boasts style and personal panache!

The Idea:

Like many great ideas, this one began with a man with a knack to capture creativity.

The Movement:

After creating the brand and numerous designs it was time for a new edge for Huxley.

I hope you all can be part of the Journey!

 Huxley Boyce Team