Huxley Wear Summer 2017

Our Mission is to create high quality shirts, casual wear and accessories that embodies enjoyment and style. Huxley is a creation of fashionable ideologies, vision and perspective of the world as we see it. We create ideas from what we have seen  and have ascertained throughout generations, spanning from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, Generation X and Y.  The Huxley Boyce Company has a timeless, stylish flair  for all individuals.  Our designs and creations reflect monumental moments that have happened across the  world ranging from sporting events, festivals, pop culture, and day to day interactions in life creating  trends like no other.

What does the customer need:

Designs that will provide an image of existence, what has  happened and what is happening and apply these events to our creative concepts that have been shaped over many years.  Our commitment to create  unique, trendy, high quality clothing for our customers that boasts style and personal panache!

Huxley is a creation of ideas and visons that come together in stylish formation as I see the world….life as it is…..a life journey for all.


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Huxley Boyce